Cayo Saetía – Triple Triple Room

Quick description The Hotel Cayo Saetía is located in the National Park of the same name, at the entrance to Nipe Bay. Cayo Saetía has 12 small beaches famous for their fine sand and crystal clear waters, among which El Peñón, Almendra and Gaviota stand out for their beauty. The beautiful seabed full of multicolored fish and a nearby coral barrier make the place the dream of every diving lover. 65% of its territory is covered with forests and the rest is made up of grasslands where antelopes move freely, zebras, deer, wild boars, hutias and wild bulls. The rustic cabins (with all the comforts) that make up the villa are integrated with a natural landscape full of greenery to provide an attractive place where nature lovers will find a wonderful vacation. It is a perfect place for honeymoons or for a quiet rest. . A paradise where visitors can relax and enjoy the sea, the vegetation, animals in freedom, yacht excursions and beautiful and romantic sunsets. Prices per room / breakfast included Maximum occupancy: 3 people


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