Flights Cayo Santa María – Havana

Quick overview Domestic flights from Cayo Santa María to Havana FLIGHT DEPARTURE DAY CAYO SANTA MARIA HAVANA BWW-UPB WEDNESDAY 20:35 21:05 BWW-UPB THURSDAY 11:35 12:05 BWW-UPB SATURDAY 11:40 12:10 BWW -CCC/ CCC-BWW SUNDAY 8:05 8:45 BWW-UPB SUNDAY 21:30 22:00 TAXES INCLUDED TRANSFERS INCLUDED Pickup Location: The bus will pick you up at the entrance of the Hotel you have selected. Pick up time: The bus will pick you up 3 hours before the flight time per itinerary Destination: hotels in Havana. If you book tickets for more than one person, you must write in “Observations” the following details for each person: Surname/First name(s): * Nationality: * Passport number: * To book the return, click here. – We recommend not making a domestic flight reservation on the same day as your international flight. The agency is not responsible for missed international flights. – If the hotel you want to select is not on the list, you can write it in “Observations”. – The transfers do not stop at private houses, you can select the nearest hotel and take the transfer from there. – Pickup times may vary up to 30 – 45 minutes depending on the number of hotels to pick up clients. General conditions for domestic flights


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